DODOME All in 1 Laundry Ball  72pcs

DODOME All in 1 Laundry Ball 72pcs

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Product Description

DODOME All in 1 殺菌洗衣球

DODOME All in 1 Laundry Ball

產品規格Standard: 72枚 / 72pcs

產品簡介Product Introduction

l  殺菌99.9%* Sterilization 99.9% *

l  強力洗淨衣物配方Powerful laundry formula

l  能使衣物光潔如新 Makes clothes as clean as new

l  持久散發清新香味 Long-lasting fresh fragrance

l  超濃縮配方,一顆可洗約40L水量Super concentrated formula, one pcs wash about 40L of water

l  超級增量裝72Super incremental 72 pieces

l  無磷、中性洗滌劑、無光增白劑、防靜電、防發霉、易沖洗No phosphorus, neutral detergent, no fluorescent whitening agent, anti-static, anti-mold, easy to rinse



*Kills common household germs such as Staphylococcus aureus up to 99.9%









◆ Keep out of reach of children and pet

◆ Do not swallow.

◆ Do not put in mouth or ingest

◆ Avoid contact eyes and mouth

 Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight



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