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FINE Japanese Green 100g

PhotoDescription◆FINE Japanese Green 100gThis product, Japanese Green 100, contains young barley grass,kale and bitter gourd, all produced in Japan in an environment free of harmful chemicals for opti..

ALLKLEAR - High Fiber Powder (7 packs)

ALLKLEAR Product Information:Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Hong Kong, the number of nerve cells in the intestines is second only to the brain, is regarded as the body's "second brain"..

BaroLife Prebiotics 5g x30

$138.00 $188.00
市面上很多產品都推介"食益生菌",但不是食益生菌腸道就會健康,我們需要增加有益菌(益生菌),抑制有害菌,調整腸內良好健康環境才最重點!- 每盒30包,每包5g- 每包含有3,300 mg FOS- 雙重認證 : 健康功能食品認證 + GMP認證- 無色無味- 增加有益菌的繁殖(如雙叉桿菌及嗜酸桿菌等),抑制壞細菌的增生..

BaroLife Probiotics 2g x30(Best Before:21/1/2021)

$68.00 $138.00
(Best Before:21/1/2021)BaroLife Prebiotics 活化腸道益生菌2g x301日1包~守護腸道健康- 每盒30包,每包2g- 每包含有100,000,000 CFU益生菌- 雙重認證 : 健康功能食品認證 + GMP認證- 嚴選19種乳酸菌- 其中Lactobacillus plan..

California Gold Nutrition, Bee Propolis 2X, Concentrated Extract, 500 mg, 240 Veggie Caps

$128.00 $229.00
Description -       California Gold Nutrition Bee Propolis 2X -       Concentrated Extract -     &..

California Gold Nutrition, Collagen UP, Unflavored

$198.00 $259.00
Description ·            California Gold Nutrition CollagenUP Packets ·          &n..

California Gold Nutrition, DHA 700 Fish Oil, Pharmaceutical Grade, 1000 mg, 30 Fish Gelatin Softgels

$85.00 $106.00
Description ·       California Gold Nutrition® DHA 700 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil ·       Exclusively using KD-Pür® IFOS™ 5..

California Gold Nutrition, Gold C, Vitamin C, 1,000 mg, 60 Veggie Capsules

$58.00 $79.00
Description- California Gold Nutrition Gold C™, 1000 mg- Featuring USP Grade Vitamin C- Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians- Formulated to Contain: No Gluten, No GMOs, No Soy- Produced in a 3rd Par..

California Gold Nutrition, Omega-3, Premium Fish Oil, 100 Fish Gelatin Softgels

$89.00 $95.00
Description ·           California Gold Nutrition® Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil ·          ..

California Gold Nutrition,Colostrum,Highly Concentrated, 240 Veggie Capsules

$188.00 $229.00
Description ·                 California Gold Nutrition Colostrum ·       ..

Fancl - Bottoms Up-Turmeric Supplement - Protect Liver&Prevent Hangoer 10pills/bag (Parallel Import)

$71.50 $99.00
Description:Rich in 3 types of turmeric, Bottoms Up - Turmeric can be taken before or after drinking for better liver functions or sobering up. Suitable for people who suffer from hangover or discomfo..

FINE 16 Grains Soup 130g (13g x 10packs)

FINE 16 Grains Soup, 130g (13g x 10packs)This product contains 16 kinds of domestic grains good for health.16 grains are manufactured in the method which its ingredients are not altered..

FINE Active Kefir 60g (200mg x 300tablets)

$97.90 $136.00
PRODUCT DETAILS   Main function:Kefir is one of the traditional fermented milk originated from the Caucasus region in Europe. It has been an essential food enjoyed by the locals in thei..

FINE Bifidobacteria Jelly 200g(10g x 20bag)

$88.00 $95.00
PhotoDescription◆FINE Bifidobacteria Jelly 200g (10g x 20bag)This product is using one of the good bacterias, bifidus bacillus as main ingredient, we add Vitamin C and oligosaccharide, which is good f..

FINE Calcium Soup 180g (15g x 12packs)

Main function:This product is among the best sources of Calcium. The flavor is mild corn potage soup. The brown rice is used JAS standards for organic vegetables. This product endures safety. It conta..

FINE Calorie Burn 30g(200mgx150's)

$89.00 $96.00
PhotoDescription◆FINE Calorie Burn 30g(200mgx150's)Body weight is something always in the back of your head, regardless of age or sex. Painful dieting by means of agonizing exercises and cutting delic..

FINE Chlorella 300g (200mg x 1500's)

Main function:Chlorella is an alga inhabiting in the fresh water, the main ingredients of which are protein, iron, chlorophyll, etc.In Fine Chlorella tablets, chlorella, produced with tank fermentatio..

FINE Clains Sharp Vision 27g (450mg x 60's)

$177.90 $198.00
FINE Clains Sharp Vision 27g (450mg x 60's)Related functional ingredient:Lutein esterThis product contains lutein ester. Lutein esters is high dye concentration to accumulate in the retina center, rep..

FINE Clam Extract with Liver Hydrolysate Oyster & Turmeric Premium 56.7g(630mgx90's)

FINE Clam Extract with Liver Hydrolysate Oyster & Turmeric Premium 56.7g (630mgx90's)Modern people tend to have unbalanced diet and many chances to go out for drink which is burden on their body. ..

FINE Coconut Oil Diet 35.4g (590mg x 60's)

$58.00 $68.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  Main function:We provide coconut oil which is very popular ingredients for slimming and beauty in easy-taking soft capsule form.We have upgraded the components for your bett..

FINE Green Morning Smoothie 200g

$89.00 $108.00
PhotoDescription◆FINE Green Morning Smoothie 200g (2 pcs)Best Before : 2020.07.01(Buy 1 get 1 free)All you need to do is just mix this diet smoothie with water. Homemade smoothie is predicted to be th..

FINE Hyaluron & Collagen(Refill) 231g(Refill)

$176.00 $186.00
PhotoDescription◆FINE Hyaluron & Collagen (Refill)A lifting supplement:Lifting is to regain youthfulness with elasticity.  Fine suggests "lifting by a supplement" as a new concept. Let's supp..

FINE Natto Kinas+Okinawa Moromi Vinegar 40.5g (450mg x 90's)

$158.00 $196.00
FINE Natto Kinas+Okinawa Moromi Vinegar 40.5g (450mg x 90's)This soft capsule supplement contains not only the main ingredient natto kinase, but also combines edible coconut oil and Okinawa moromi vin..

FINE Natto Kinase + EPA & DHA 54g (450mg x 120's)

$135.00 $145.00
FINE Natto Kinase + EPA & DHA 54g (450mg x 120's)Bacillus natto culture extract (nattokinase) edible mainly of palm oil, is a soft capsule containing a combination of mash vinegar powder of Okinaw..

FINE Night Collagen 75.6g (2.7g x 28sticks)

FINE Night Collagen 75.6g (2.7g x 28sticks)Contains Low-molecular Fish Collagen, Supports your sleep and beauty with Glycine and Yeast Extract, Promotes cellular activity with Resveratrol, Available c..

FINE Night Enzyme 30g(250mgx120's)

FINE Night Enzyme 30g,(250mgx120's)* Aminobutyric acid (GABA) can improve skin quality, promote metabolism, improve muscle fatigue resistance and brain cell rest, and calm the brain.* Make up for the ..

FINE Resveratrol Coenzyme+Q10 72g (600mg x 120's)

$188.50 $272.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  Main function:Resveratrol is a kind of polyphenol, and has an action of antioxidant. In addition, it has been a topic that it has an effect to delay aging and make life long..

FINE Superfood Spirulina Plus 150g

$93.00 $96.00
PRODUCT DETAILS Main function:Superfood is food that has many more beneficial nutrients than normal food. Spirullina is a spiral shaped algae with a strong vital energy living in lakes in tropica..

FINE UV Care Plus 13.5g(450mgx30's)

$39.90 $98.00
FINE UV Care Plus 13.5g (450mgx30's)This is the supplement which combines functional ingredient, pineapples fruits extract.●Pineapples fruits extract supports transparency and brightness of skin.●Vita..

FINE Yeast x Enzyme x Coffee Chlorogenic Acid Diet Jelly, 220g(10g x 22sticks)

$88.00 $95.00
PRODUCT DETAILS    ◆FINE Yeast x Enzyme x Coffee Chlorogenic Acid Diet Jelly, 220g(10g x 22sticks)The market of enzyme/yeast food (Plant fermented food) has been growing for 6 year..

Golden Time Ganoderma Lucidum(Lingzhi) 60 Capsules

$488.00 $688.00
金時代 靈芝膠囊(60粒)金時代靈芝是從台木種植出來的一種真菌。簡單來說﹐一般生長過程是從根部長出棒狀的主體不斷上長﹐然後在頭部開始脹大擴展成傘狀﹐最後會在傘的內側釋放孢子作繁殖﹐這時便完成生長過程﹐普通的靈芝都會在全熟時收割。 但金時代靈芝不同﹐它是用特殊培植方法﹐使其更改生長模式﹐把原來的棒狀主體的成長期加長﹐令到其在釋放孢子繁殖的壯年期仍處於棒狀狀態﹐使孢子內營養大量保存體內﹐這時..

Kanzo Kowa Tablet 1 packet (2 tablets)

1pocket per dayProduct size 80 × 3 × 120 mmConvenient small package that you can take with you!2 small tablets of 8 mm in diameter, which are convenient to drink with water.Structure:pig liver hydroly..

Nature's Way, Urinary with Cranberry, 420 mg, 100 Vegetarian Capsules

$89.00 $119.00
Nature's Way, Urinary with Cranberry, 420 mg, 100 Vegetarian Capsules Premium Formula Supports U.T. Health 420 mg Per Cap Dietary Supplement Certified Authentic Tru-ID Gluten Free Veget..


$167.50 $239.00
Shinya Koso Night Diet which includes the original variety in blue packaging, the Omori turmeric blend, the Gold variety with extra enzymes and turmeric, and the newest offering, Nemutteru Aida Ni ..

Svelty - Quality Diet Pakkun Yeast with Probiotics 120 Capsules (Parallel Import)

$158.50 $228.00
Svelty - Quality Diet Pakkun Yeast with Probiotics 120 Capsules (Parallel Import) The remains reach yeast living in new ideas time capsule manufacturing method is diet support supplements that c..

韓國Barofood低卡JELLY MIX BOX 飲品包(4種口味各5包) 150mlx20包

$220.00 $300.00
【Barofood – 低卡啫喱+膠原蛋白飲品包】 “JELLY MIX BOX”- 一盒包含四種口味(芒果味+水蜜桃味+青葡萄味+青檸味)- 每盒20包,每種口味各5包,每包150ml- 超低卡飲品包,每包只含2Kcal- 每包還含有膠原蛋白, 越食越靚- HACCP食品認證- 赤藻糖醇天然甜味,甜而不膩,即開即食- 雪凍過後冰冰涼涼更滋味..

韓國Barofood紅石榴膠原瘦身飲健康美顏"彈彈"啫喱條20g X 30條

$190.00 $260.00
Barofood 紅石榴膠原-韓國熱賣”彈彈”啫喱條-代餐飽感助你補充骨膠原-去除水腫+調理身體至In新小食-每日2條靚啲健康啲 產品介紹•100%選用西班牙有機紅石榴•含有91.2%有機石榴濃縮精華 (石榴濃度 : 65 Brix)•紅石榴+魚類膠原蛋白+朱槿花一同攝取,達到最強效果•1條20g = 攝取4個300g紅石榴•特別加入朱槿花提取粉末..
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