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ALOVIVI - Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skins 500ml[Parallel Import Product]

$41.90 $49.90
• Paraben free • Alcohol free • Oil free • No perfume • No coloring • No affecting for fake eyelashes extension • No cationic surface active agent • Cleansing (clean & removes makeup, impur..

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover 145ml [Parallel Import Product]

$44.00 $62.00
Protects your eyelashes by thoroughly removing without tugging. Emollient Layer – Removes water proof makeup (Contains Vitamin E) Water Base – Wraps oil & sebum (Contains Vitamin B) Pi..

Byvibes Wonder Bath super vegitoks cleanser 300ml

$198.00 $238.00
韓國WB wonder bath超級蔬果深層卸妝洗面乳 300ml一款集卸妝、潔面、去角質及排毒於一身的潔面產品產品非常溫和在洗臉卸妝的同時就順便做埋排毒跟營養的補給,洗完之後感覺臉部變得很透亮,毛孔變小。皮膚變柔嫩跟極度保濕 清潔、卸妝、去角質, 有滋潤與舒緩作用,適合敏感性皮膚問題;含有綠色的舒緩成分,包括螺旋藻、酸橙、小麥和西蘭花等  使用時只需以適量..

GAIA Foaming Cleanser 125ml

$89.00 $99.90
A soft foaming cleanser that is free from soap and sulphates.  This sensitive skin formula gently removes dirt, make-up and impurities without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry, instead your..

ITO Compression Portable face towel

產品名稱Product Name:ITO Compression便攜洗臉巾ITO Compression Portable face towel產品規格Standard :1包15片(1抽10包,共150片)主要物料:植物纖維尺寸: 22 x 20厘米產品簡介Product Introduction:l  取代了你生活用品 紙巾用途 Replace dail..

ITO Corporation 2 in 1 Facial Towel

產品名稱Product Name:ITO Corporation 2合1洗面巾ITO Corporation 2 in 1 Facial Towel產品規格Standard :80枚(一抽三包,共240枚)主要物料:植物纖維尺寸: 18 x 20厘米產品簡介Product Introduction:l   棉感柔韌親膚Cotton-like and skin-frie..

ITO Corporation Towel Set

產品名稱Product Name:ITO Corporation 浴巾套裝ITO Corporation Towel Set產品規格Standard: 共3枚(1枚:浴巾2枚:面巾)主要物料:植物纖維浴巾尺寸: 135 x 60厘米面巾尺寸: 60 x 35厘米產品簡介Product Introduction:l  非常大條又好用&nbs..

ITO One Time Face Towel 80pcs

產品名稱Product Name:ITO 洗面巾ITO One Time Face Towel產品規格Standard :約80片主要物料:植物纖維尺寸: 22 x 20厘米產品簡介Product Introduction:l  優選天然進口長絨棉、手感極致柔軟、爽滑細膩l  特殊紫外線消毒,更安全衛生l  棉水刺梳理..

Le Petit Olivier ALEPPO SOAP 150G

$76.00 $78.00
Rediscover the legendary know-how of the master soap makers from Alep, with "Le Petit Olivier" bar of soap rich in olive oil and laurel berry oil. Renowned for their nourishing, softening and purif..


$36.00 $38.00
Enjoy all the "savoir-faire" and authenticity of Le Petit Olivier in this Extra Mild Cherry Blossom Soap Bar with its warm fragrance. Enriched with natural extracts and with olive oil, it gently clean..

Neville Derma Lab Ex hydro energy oxygen injection cleanser & toner series

$280.00 $380.00
深層活氧注水潔面啫喱200ml:功效:溶解老化油脂,加快肌膚美白程序,令肌膚清透亮麗活性成份:玉米穀蛋白氨基酸類、海藻糖、煙醯胺使用方法:將潔面啫喱置於掌心並與清水混合,之後塗於面部輕力打圈按摩,最後用清水冲洗乾淨即可  活氧柔滑嫩肌水200ml:功效:促進肌膚細胞之新陳代謝,減少肌膚紅腫、敏感及暗啞問題,清透亮肌活性成份:煙醯胺、生物糖膠-1、乙醯殼糖胺、白黎蘆醇、透明質酸鈉..

Neville Derma Lab Ex pico skin illuminating cleanser & toner series

$280.00 $380.00
Neville 皮秒鑽白凝亮爽膚及潔面套裝 1套2支美白透亮潔面乳 Radiant & Whitening Cleanser極強補濕力一邊幫你清潔面部污垢一邊幫你注水補濕,而且滲透力強,有效鎖緊水份同時亦會抗炎殺菌減少痘痘暗粒出現,幫你清除老廢角質鎮靜舒緩肌膚及增加皮膚亮滑度 亮肌舒緩爽膚水 Brightening & Soothing Toner千倍注水力而且內含天然保..

Nursery - Make up & UV Cleansing Gel (Sakura) 180ml(Parallel Import goods)

$81.50 $85.00
DescriptionMake up & UV Cleansing Gel (Sakura edition)180mlWith a soft gel jelly texture, face and eye makeup can be easily removable. A beauty skin care ingredients to restore skin vitality. It e..

Nursery - Yuzu Make Up & Uv Cleansing Gel 180ml(Parallel Import Product)

$61.80 $89.00
DescriptionNursery Yuzu cleansing gel contains natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial colors and flavors. With a soft gel jelly texture, face and eye makeup can be easily removable. A..

PDC - Wafood Made Tofu Wash 170g (Parallel Import goods)

$78.00 $135.00
From Hiroshima Tofu House, natural Japanese domestic soybean extract, combined with seaweed essence-rich Kochi water, natural chemical-free preservative, no synthetic flavor, no mineral oil, no colori..

REVI washing Cream 100g

$220.00 $380.00
l   美白去黃l   保濕l   卸妝l   深層清潔l   減淡黑色素l   抗氧化l   抗炎修復天然玫瑰成分可以美白去黃、保濕,同時又可以卸妝勁乾淨白滑,潔面護膚一take過平衡肌膚..

Unicharm - Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton 82 puffs x2boxes

$23.50 $23.50
This cotton pad doesn't fluff up or leave fibers on your skin. The entire pad is encased in a silky veil that helps keep its shape and prevents fuzzing, which leads to a smoother application.This vers..
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