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POCARI SWEAT Ion Supply Drink 500ml (Best Before 1/7/2019)

$7.10 $8.90
Product Details:When our body fluid is insufficient (so called dehydration), the composition of electrolytes and water is imbalance, which increases the blood concentration and affects the blood circu..

Red Bull 4 cans pack 250ml

產品詳情:Red Bull能量飲料是一種功能性飲品有助活化身心。Red Bull在全球各地已售出數百億罐,深受頂尖運動員、學生、對體能或專注力有嚴格要求、甚至須長時間駕駛的人一致認同。無論於繁忙會議、啟發創意、進行比賽或練習、抑或想玩盡每一日,當你需要活力或想將個人表現提升,一罐冰凍Red Bull任何時候都送你一對翼。加入4罐裝Red Bull能量飲料到你的購物籃,每罐含量250毫升,100%可..
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