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Almond Cookies-Egg Yolk 140G

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$10.40 $11.90
(BEST BEFORE: 31 DEC 2020)Product introduction Whole-grain flour into biscuits and spread a rich white chocolate combined. Raw materials and ingredients Sugar, flour, whole milk powder, cake OMath, sh..
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Four Seas Biscuits Sticks 40g

With a unique slow-bake technique, the fully-released baking aroma blends with the rich milky aroma, provide you a natural feeling...

Ginbis Tabekko(Baby) 63g(Best Before:7 Nov 2020)

$13.50 $14.90
(Best Before:7 Nov 2020)The Ginbis Tabekko Baby biscuits are designed to catch little eyes with their cute animal character shapes. Supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals, they are the perf..

GLICO - Avocadooza Chips (Wasabi Soy Sauce) 40g (Best Before:30 Nov 2020)

$17.30 $19.50
(Best Before:30 Nov 2020)The latest addition to Glico’s cheese cracker line-up is Avocadooza are approximate only and subject to change. Made with real avocados and a touch of wasabi to bring out the ..
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GLICO Pocky Almond Crush 2 Packs

Fragrant deep-roasted almonds. A stick sprinkled with crushed almonds, it is interwoven with an exquisite taste that combines the delicious taste of fragrant almond with milk chocolate.A match ma..
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Glico Pocky Family Pack (Tomato Flavor) 9 Bags

Crispy and tasty biscuit with delicious tomato flavor and giant sizeContain with nine individual packages which is perfect for party and shareAlso have chocolate and strawberry flavorOnce you have it,..

GLICO Pocky Strawberry 2 packs( Best Before: 30/11/2020)

$13.90 $15.90
( Best Before: 30/11/2020) strawberry meat chocolate bar Content: 46.2g almond crisps / 55g grassberryingredients: wheat flour, granulated sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, Salt, yeast, etc. (see ..

GLICO Pretz Fried Chicken Flavor 100's(Best Before:30 Nov 2020)

$9.90 $11.50
(Best Before:30 Nov 2020)The savory counterpart to Pocky, Glico's Pretz are deliciously crispy biscuit sticks. These baked to perfection snacks have a delicately salty vegetable salad flavor that will..

MEIJI YanYan Tsuke bo Choco 48g(Best Before:30 Nov 2020)

$10.10 $11.90
(Best Before:30 Nov 2020)Meiji's Yan Yan are crispy biscuit sticks that you can dip in a delicious chocolate flavoured cream and candy powder. Each stick is printed with Japanese words and cute pandas..

Merba apple pie cookie 225g

$20.00 $35.00
PropertiesOur Apple Pie Cookies are made according the traditional apfel-strudel recipe with the famous combination of 3 ingredients: apple, cinnamon, raisins.IngredientsEnriched wheat flour (thiamin ..

Merba dark chocolate & hazelnut cookies 200g

$28.80 $35.00
Net content: 200gIngredients: wheat flour, vegetable oil, 11% hazelnut, oats, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, white sugar, raising agent, glucose, salt, lactose, flavoring , Emulsifier. May co..

MORINAGA MANNA BISCUIT( Best Before: 30/11/2020)

$13.40 $13.60
( Best Before: 30/11/2020)Product Details:Especially made for infants age 7 months or older, with enriched nutrients such as calcium, Vaitamin B1, B2, D, and Iron that are necessary for growth. Easy t..

御之味 Five Grain Soda Crackers (360g)(BEST BEFORE: 24 DEC 2020)

$12.20 $13.50
(BEST BEFORE: 24 DEC 2020) Please store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.Consume as soon as possible in the opened package...

菓子町園道 Seaweed Soda Cracker 360g

$10.00 $13.50

菓子町園道 Spring Onion Soda Cracker

$9.90 $13.50
配料表:小麥粉、食用棕櫚油、食用鹽、白砂糖、酵母、黑芝麻、食品添加劑儲藏方法:至於陰涼乾爽處,開啟後注意密封並請儘早食用。糕點種類: 蘇打餅乾..
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