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"Guadalupe" Brand Dried Mango(Best Before: 18 Aug 2020)

$17.60 $25.90
(Best Before: 18 Aug 2020)Guadalupe Dried Mango is one of the four major dried mangoes in the Philippines. It has been produced with original ingredients that do not contain any chemical raw materials.. BOM - 2 Step Ultra Cool Leaf Mask(1 pcs)Green(Parallel Import Product)(Best Before:2/9/2020)

$3.00 $6.00
(Best Before:2/9/2020)The Ultra Cool Leaf Mask is a unique two-step mask set that deeply soothes, moisturizes, and cools stressed skin.The Ultra Cool Leaf Mask is a unique two-step mask set that deepl..

AGF Blendy Aroma Blend Elegant Rich Instant Coffee 11pcs/box (Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)

$23.90 $28.90
(Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)Just by putting Blendy Rich Back Cofffee in a cup and pouring hot water, you can easily enjou a fresh cup of coffee anytime.Pour one stick (2 grams) into hot water, or ice wa..

Alo Original Crisp Aloe Vera + Fuji Apple + Pear 500ml(Best Before: 18/9/2020)

$10.80 $13.90
(Valid date: 18/9/2020)IT’S PEAR. IT’S APPLE. IT’S PEARPLE!Enjoy the crisp flavors of the orchard. Fresh fruit powered by the sun to bring you to your special place. Perfectly balanced for body and mi..

Bamboo Charcoal Peanut 90g(Best Before: 5/9/2020)

$12.20 $19.90
(Best Before:  5/9/2020)盛香珍--全新堅果系列新發亮!黑溜溜外表下包覆著一粒粒飽滿的極品花生!絕對是下午茶良伴新選擇!正港100%台灣製造!安全美味絕對吃的到!..

Calci-Plus - Coconut Hi Calcium Healthy Drink 250ml x 6(BEST BEFORE: 24 Oct 2020)

$23.20 $25.90
(BEST BEFORE: 24 Oct 2020)Vitasoy Calci-Plus is high calcium, 0mg cholesterol*, low sugar healthy drink. Hi-calcium Soya, plant sterol, coconut, almond are offered to help you maintain a healthy life...

California Gold Nutrition, Hyaluronic Acid, with L-Proline + French Pine Bark & Grape Seed Extracts, 100 mg, 60 Veggie Caps (Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)

$160.00 $289.00
(Best Before: 31 Jul 2020) Description-          California Gold Nutrition Hyaluronic Acid Complex-        &..

California Gold Nutrition, Vitamin D3,500 mcg , 90 Fish Gelation Softgels(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)

$38.20 $59.80
(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)Description ·                 California Gold Nutrition Vitamin D3 ·  &n..

Chabaa Lychee juice 230ml(Best Before: 29 Aug 2020)

$2.70 $5.90
(Best Before: 29 Aug 2020)Description Chabaa Fruit Juice maintains it freshness throughout all of the physical chemical processes, from the preparation of the raw fruit, to the filling and sealing of ..

COCA-COLA COKE 500ml (Best Before: 20 Aug 2020)

$4.00 $8.50
(Best Before: 20 Aug 2020)無處不在老少咸宜,點可以少得可口可樂可口可樂有兩種別具特色的口味,分別是原味以及檸檬味。我們同時提供無糖、無卡路里的健怡可口可樂及零系可口可樂,各適其適。 成分:碳酸水、白糖、色素(150d)、酸度調節劑(338)、咖啡因及其他調味劑包裝分量: 500mL顯示資料       ..

COKE PLUS CASE OFFER330ML (Best Before: 9 Aug 2020)

$2.80 $4.50
(Best Before: 9 Aug 2020)Product Details:Zero Sugar/ Zero CaloriesAdded Dietary FiberReduce Fat AbsorptionSlow Down Sugar AbsorptionOrigin:Hong Kong..

COKE ZERO 330ML (Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)

$2.80 $4.30
(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)Product Details:Coca-Cola Classic is the world’s favorite soft drink and has been enjoyed since 1886. You can find Coca-Cola Classic in a variety of sizes to suit every lifes..

Dongwon #14 Seasoned Laver 2.5g X8's(Best Before: 16/9/2020)

$11.00 $16.80
(Best Before:  16/9/2020)配料:海苔、菜籽油、芝麻油、食用鹽 嚴格篩選了清淨海域中生長的黑褐色石苔。採用新技術與積累的經驗,可保持香脆的口味,因此深受海外消費者的青睞。..

Dongwon Kimmy Laver (Classic Flavor)2.7g X8's(BEST BEFORE: 13 Oct 2020)

$13.70 $16.00
(BEST BEFORE: 13 Oct 2020)..

Dongwon Laver Flake (Seafood Flavour)65g(Best Before: 9/9/2020)

$16.00 $23.00
(Best Before: 9/9/2020)成分:紫菜,芥花籽油、烤芝麻、鯷魚、蝦、糖、鹽。此產品含有魚類,甲殼類動物及其製品。使用方法:好吃營養又健康 口感、口味令人回味無窮,可搭配稀飯、麵條、米飯、饅頭、麵包等,寶貝最愛的口味.保存方法:存放於乾爽陰涼處。..

Dongwon Laver Flake 70g(Best Before: 4/9/2020)

$20.20 $23.00
(Best Before: 4/9/2020)Made of only excellent domestic raw seaweed to ensure the savory flavor of green laver and the unique fresh texture of stone laver. Green laver and stone laver are stir-fried se..

Dongwon Seasoned Laver For Kids 6g x9's (Best Before: 30 Aug 2020)

$31.50 $48.00
(Best Before: 30 Aug 2020)This fresh green laver for kids does not contain salt or oil. Sweet and sour plum-seasoned sauce is provided separately. Made of high-grade raw seaweed directly selected by D..

Dongwon Seasoned Laver5g x 4's (Best Before: 2/9/2020)

$11.00 $16.50
 (Best Before:  2/9/2020)主要配料:海苔、芝麻油、食用鹽嚴格篩選了清淨海域中生長的黑褐色石苔。採用新技術與積累的經驗,可保持香脆的口味,因此深受海外消費者的青睞。..

Fanta - Grape Flavoured Soda 330ml(BEST BEFORE: 29 Oct 2020)

$3.20 $4.30
(BEST BEFORE: 29 Oct 2020)芬達清新的果味,配上開心、有趣及活潑生動的形象,一直贏得大眾的青睞,特別備受年青人的熱捧。芬達容易令人聯想到與摯愛親朋相處的快樂時光,因此大家都喜歡把芬達與「歡樂」聯繫起來。..

FIORINI Alphabets 500g(Best Before: 30/9/2020)

$9.50 $16.90
(Best Before:  30/9/2020)..
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FIORINI Pates Etoiles 500g(BEST BEFORE: 30 Oct 2020)

$12.40 $16.90
(BEST BEFORE: 30 Oct 2020)..

Fried Fish with Peanut 80g(Best Before: 12/9/2020)

$12.20 $19.90
(Best Before: 12/9/2020)Famous brand in Taiwan, a party snack fried fish with peanut. It is delicious, crispy and spicy. Small individual packs, you can enjoy it at anytime and anywhere. Ingred..

Friendly Organic Baby Laundry Detergent (Perfume Free) 1L(Best Before:17/9/2020 )

$49.00 $108.00
Best Before:17/9/2020 Friendly Organic® proudly presents its new laundry detergent that will be a wise choice for your baby’s delicate clothing, washcloths, towels, blankets and other items. We h..

Friendly Organic Toy & Nursery Cleaner 500ml(Best Before:10/9/2020)

$40.50 $98.00
(Best Before:10/9/2020)It is important that your child’s toys and favorite places in the home are kept sparkling clean. Use Friendly Organic® Toy & Nursery Cleaner as often as needed for everyday ..

GAIA Bamboo Baby Wipes 80 Wipes(Best Before:19/9/2020)

$42.00 $69.90
Best Before:19/9/2020Made from ultra soft bamboo cloth that biodegrades in just 14 days (independently tested), GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo Baby Wipes contain organic extracts of aloe vera and chamomile ..

Green Organic Freeze Dried Okra 15g(BEST BEFORE: 21 Oct 2020)

$33.00 $35.90
(BEST BEFORE: 21 Oct 2020)Okra contains high amounts of amino acid, dietary fibre and calcium, which can help improve digestive system, as well as liver, skin and kidney function.High in pectin, Okra ..

Green Organic Freeze Dried Peach 20g(BEST BEFORE: 17 Oct 2020)

$33.00 $35.90
(BEST BEFORE: 17 Oct 2020)High in protein, vitamin B, C, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other nutrients, peach is a all around beneficial fruit.Peach also contains very high amount of iron, which ..

Haitai Cocopalm Grape Juice Drink with Coconut Jelly 238ml(BEST BEFORE: 3 Oct 2020)

$5.90 $8.50
(BEST BEFORE: 3 Oct 2020)In 1994, Haitai introduced a fruit drink with coconut jelly. This drink was designed for all age groups to enjoy a chewable coconut jelly in a fruit juice. This fruit drink is..

Haitai Pear Flavor Soft Drink (355mlx2 Cans)(Best Before: 17/9/2020)

$27.00 $37.90
(Best Before: 17/9/2020)Korean characteristic water pear juice also soda! Sweet water pear flavor with bubbles more refreshing and delicious! Classic flavor bubble drink, korean popular drinks!..

Haitai Pear Flavor Soft Drink 355ml (Best Before: 7 Aug 2020)

$13.50 $19.50
(Best Before: 7 Aug 2020)Korean characteristic water pear juice also soda!Sweet water pear flavor with bubbles more refreshing and delicious!Classic flavor bubble drink, korean popular drinks!..

Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich 127g(Best Before: 15 Aug 2020)

$8.60 $12.50
(Best Before: 15 Aug 2020) Premium soft crunch cookie sandwich that has a rich cheddar cheese flavor cookie is made for your exquisite taste.            Nutriti..

Hansel Premium Green Tea Sandwich 127g(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)

$10.00 $15.90
(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)Hansel Premium Sandwich 夾心餅乾,菲律賓最大工廠Rebisco出產, 基本上當地每個人都至少食過一次。特點:入口鬆化,食過返尋味..

Hansel Premium Peanut Butter Sandwich 128G (Best Before: 14 Aug 2020)

$10.00 $15.90
(Best Before: 14 Aug 2020)Hansel Premium Sandwich 夾心餅乾,菲律賓最大工廠Rebisco出產, 基本上當地每個人都至少食過一次。特點:入口鬆化,食過返尋味..

HI-C Ceylon Lemon Tea 250ml x 6(BEST BEFORE: 25 Oct 2020)

$12.90 $15.90
(BEST BEFORE: 25 Oct 2020)..

HUNG FOOK TONG Chuan Bei Pipa with Honey Drink 500ml(BEST BEFORE:16 Oct 2020)

$5.10 $6.90
(BEST BEFORE:16 Oct 2020)Ingredients:Purified Water, Cane Sugar, Loquat Leaves ,Peppermint Leaves, Almond (Tree Nuts), Liquorice Root, Balloonflower Root, Sichuan Fritillary, Natural Honey, Red Tanger..

Kasugai Milk Mint Candy 67g(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)

$17.90 $18.90
(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)·         日本原裝進口·         牛奶搭配薄荷夾心·         3層夾心&nb..

Kasugai No Sugar Kiwi Candy(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)

$15.00 $18.90
(BEST BEFORE: 31 Oct 2020)..

Katark – Chicken Crackling (40 g) Cheese Flavor (Best Before: 1/9/2020)

$8.50 $13.80
 (Best Before: 1/9/2020)Crispy chicken skin "KATARK Brand" made from fresh chicken skin that has passed the standard production process and has passed the process of removing the most oil. Make c..

Katark – Chicken Crackling (40 g) Tom Yum Flavor (Best Before:28/9/2020)

$8.50 $13.80
 (Best Before:28/9/2020)Crispy chicken skin "KATARK Brand" made from fresh chicken skin that has passed the standard production process and has passed the process of removing the most oil. Make c..

Kikkoman - Yakiniku Sauce (Garlic)(BEST BEFORE:3 Oct 2020)

$31.00 $35.50
(BEST BEFORE:3 Oct 2020)..

KIKKOMAN SHOGAYAKI SAUCE 210G(Best Before: 17/9/2020)

$17.30 $24.90
(Best Before: 17/9/2020)..

Kinder bueno mini 400g 68pcs (Best before:31/8/2020)

$35.00 $108.00
成份 牛奶朱古力加上威化外層,內含綿滑牛奶榛子醬迷你分享裝成份:牛奶朱古力 31%(糖,可可脂,可可漿,脫脂奶粉,無水乳脂肪,乳化劑: 卵磷脂(大豆),調味劑 : 香蘭素),糖,植物油脂,小麥麵粉,榛子果仁 10.5%,脫脂奶粉,奶粉,朱古力(糖,可可漿,可可脂,乳化劑: 卵磷脂(大豆), 調味劑 : 香蘭素),低脂可可粉,乳化劑: 卵磷脂 (大豆),膨脹劑: 碳酸氫鈉; 碳酸氫銨,鹽,..

kinder chocolate mini 76pcs (Best before:17/10/2020

$46.50 $108.00
Milk chocolate 39% (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), flavouring: vanillin), sugar, skim milk powder, vegetable oil (palm*), anh..

Kinder happy moments mini mix 55pcs (Best before:19/10/2020)

$46.50 $108.00

KK Milder Soy Sauce 600ml (BEST BEFORE: 24 Oct 2020)

$39.00 $45.90
(BEST BEFORE: 24 Oct 2020)萬字減鹽醬油絕對是注重健康食客之選,釀造過程100%天然,絕無添加味精、人造色素及防腐劑。味道天然醇厚,卻比傳統萬字醬油少43%鹽分,用於烹調餸菜絕不會喧賓奪主,反而能提升食物的鮮味,是蒸魚、海鮮及蒸魚菜色之最佳配搭。..

Lemon Coca Cola 330ml(BEST BEFORE: 29 Oct 2020)

$3.00 $3.90
(BEST BEFORE: 29 Oct 2020)..

LJH Crispy Pork Slieed 100g (Best Before: 8 Aug 2020)

$19.00 $29.50
(Best Before: 8 Aug 2020)Thailand pork floss Lam Cheng Heng, a well known branding, which developed over 80 years. Produced lots of snacks are popularity. The pork floss, one of the historical and w..


$21.50 $22.90
(BEST BEFORE: 16 Oct 2020)..

Mandom Beauty Cleansing Lotion (Slippery)300ml(Best Before: 7/9/2020)

$49.90 $89.90
Best Before: 7/9/2020Product Features: ★ Creates “clear skin” by enhanced cleansing capability, moisturizing effect which improves the skin’s texture and wiping off the dead skin. ★ The formula i..

Morinaga Drops (Ice-cream Flavour)(Best Before: 20/9/2020)

$16.00 $20.90
(Best Before: 20/9/2020)罐子上的一顆顆糖果晶瑩剔透,紋路清晰可見,令人看了忍不住垂涎三尺。精選優質的水果做原材料,傳統製作手藝,保留純天然的原味 鐵罐裡有七種口味、六種形狀的水果糖,猜猜看你吃得出來的有幾種?..
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