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AMBI AE AIR FRSH SPRAY 275G (DOWNY SCENT)(Best Before: 6 Jun 2020)

$18.00 $37.20
 AMBI AE AIR FRSH SPRAY 275G (DOWNY SCENT)- Ambi-Pur Air Effects boast an innovative, natural Nitrogen-based propellant works better and lasts longer than typical aerosol sprays, so your home sta..

Organic White Jasmine Baby Rice 1kg(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)

$28.70 $49.90
(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)Pureland Organic Baby Rice is grown under strict organic standards in North Eastern Thailand - a renowned area for the best Jasmine Rice (Hom Mali) - and harvested only once ..

Sangil Watermelon Soda Drink Sangil 350ml (2cans) (Best Before 18/7/2020)

$31.60 $37.90
(Best Before 18/7/2020)350mlMade in KoreaIngredients: Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Watermelon Extract, Humectant(E967),food Acid(E330), Acidity Regulator(E290), Dl-acidit, Regulator(E296),f..

Sangil Watermelon Soda Drink Sangil 350ml( Best Before:18 JUL 2020)

$15.80 $19.50
( Best Before:18 JUL 2020)350mlMade in KoreaIngredients: Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Watermelon Extract, Humectant(E967),food Acid(E330), Acidity Regulator(E290), Dl-acidit, Regulator(E296..

Ultra Softlan Lavender Softener 1L(Best Before: 28 May 2020)

$29.90 $31.90
Product Details:ULTRA SOFTLAN FABRIC SOFTENER-LAVENDER- Super concentrated soft and fresh fabric softener fragrance- 21 days long lasting fragranceProduct Warnings:Do not pour directly onto fabrics. I..

"Guadalupe" Brand Dried Mango(Best Before: 18 Aug 2020)

$21.20 $25.90
(Best Before: 18 Aug 2020)Guadalupe Dried Mango is one of the four major dried mangoes in the Philippines. It has been produced with original ingredients that do not contain any chemical raw materials..

137 Degrees Nut Milk Almond Milk with Coffee Latte 180ml(Best Before: 24 Jun 2020)

$7.00 $11.90
(Best Before: 24 Jun 2020)Description• Full bodied and robust with dark roasted beans, this special coffee latte blend is crafted with almond milk made from 100% California non-GMO whole almonds. No c..

AGF Blendy Aroma Blend Elegant Rich Instant Coffee 11pcs/box (Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)

$23.30 $28.90
(Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)Just by putting Blendy Rich Back Cofffee in a cup and pouring hot water, you can easily enjou a fresh cup of coffee anytime.Pour one stick (2 grams) into hot water, or ice wa..

AGF Blendy Stick 1/2 Low kal coffee 10pcs/box (Best Before: 31 Aug 2020)

$32.30 $36.90
(Best Before: 31 Aug 2020)A sticky, creamy & sweet flavor that can be enjoyed in a mug size. With this one, you can easily enjoy full-fledged flavor every day. The taste of the cafe au lait is ..

AGF Blendy Stick Micro-bitter milk coffee 10PCS/box (Best Before: 31 Aug 2020)

$23.90 $29.90
(Best Before: 31 Aug 2020)(AGF) Blendy Cafe Au Lait (Otonna) Instant Coffee sticks" are all-in-one individually wrapped instant coffee containers. Just add one "stick" (sachet) to hot water for a ..

AMBI AE AIR FRSH SPRAY 275G (SPRING & RENEWAL) (Best Before: 13 Jul 2020)

$18.00 $37.20
(Best Before: 13 Jul 2020) *使用100%天然氣體(氮氣)推動 ˙可安心於貓、狗旁使用** ˙能瞬間去除異味,留下清新香氣使用方法: 垂直握著瓶子,壓下噴嘴握柄,向室內空間均勻噴灑。要在家中達至明顯清新效果,建議用於每一個房間。 *100%天然氣體推動 **請勿直接朝向寵物噴灑。請勿魚鳥類旁使用。..

Balancy Herbal Debox 430ml (Best Before:3/6/2020)

$5.30 $8.50
(Best Before:3/6/2020)Product Details:Curcumin is the main active ingredient found in Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb, which helps to maintain healthy liver function. It usually used as a food colouring. Vi..

California Gold Nutrition, Hyaluronic Acid, with L-Proline + French Pine Bark & Grape Seed Extracts, 100 mg, 60 Veggie Caps (Best Before: 31 Jul 2020)

$153.70 $289.00
(Best Before: 31 Jul 2020) Description-          California Gold Nutrition Hyaluronic Acid Complex-        &..

Chabaa Lychee juice 230ml(Best Before: 29 Aug 2020)

$3.20 $5.90
(Best Before: 29 Aug 2020)芭提婭果汁系列,100%泰國原裝進口 泰國盛產水果,芭提婭果汁採用綠色無污染成熟優質熱帶鮮果加工製作,採集優質原漿,經世界先進工藝濃縮還原。採用俐落包裝、無菌環境罐裝,長時間保證果汁的新鮮營養,不失為一款綠色食品。外觀時尚、開啟方便、果汁口味多樣。芭提婭果汁系列,富含維生素,不含人工香料,防腐劑,果汁口感爽甜,果味濃郁,給你體驗超級水果..

Chabaa Red Apple Juice 230ml(Best Before: 28 Jun 2020)

$2.60 $5.90
芭提婭果汁系列,100%泰國原裝進口 泰國盛產水果,芭提婭果汁採用綠色無污染成熟優質熱帶鮮果加工製作,採集優質原漿,經世界先進工藝濃縮還原。採用俐落包裝、無菌環境罐裝,長時間保證果汁的新鮮營養,不失為一款綠色食品。外觀時尚、開啟方便、果汁口味多樣。芭提婭果汁系列,富含維生素,不含人工香料,防腐劑,果汁口感爽甜,果味濃郁,給你體驗超級水果的自然滋味!!芭提婭飲料為追求果汁的優質品質的人而製..

Chung Jung One Marinade For Pork Rib(Original Flavor) 280g(Best Before:31/7/2020)

$15.80 $19.90
(Best Before:31/7/2020)Made with 100% natural soy sauceUses unique recipes from korean housewivesThe use of korean pear and various fruits together with onions, garlic and wines, not only enrich the t..

COCA-COLA COKE 500ml (Best Before: 20 Aug 2020)

$4.80 $8.50
(Best Before: 20 Aug 2020)無處不在老少咸宜,點可以少得可口可樂可口可樂有兩種別具特色的口味,分別是原味以及檸檬味。我們同時提供無糖、無卡路里的健怡可口可樂及零系可口可樂,各適其適。 成分:碳酸水、白糖、色素(150d)、酸度調節劑(338)、咖啡因及其他調味劑包裝分量: 500mL顯示資料       ..

COCA-COLA COKE PLUS 500ml (Best Before: 22 Aug 2020)

$4.80 $8.50
(Best Before: 22 Aug 2020)Product Details:Zero Sugar/ Zero CaloriesAdded Dietary FiberReduce Fat AbsorptionSlow Down Sugar AbsorptionOrigin:Hong Kong Nutrition Information (100ml): En..

COKE PLUS CASE OFFER330ML (Best Before: 9 Aug 2020)

$3.30 $4.50
(Best Before: 9 Aug 2020)Product Details:Zero Sugar/ Zero CaloriesAdded Dietary FiberReduce Fat AbsorptionSlow Down Sugar AbsorptionOrigin:Hong Kong..

COKE ZERO 330ML (Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)

$3.30 $4.30
(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)Product Details:Coca-Cola Classic is the world’s favorite soft drink and has been enjoyed since 1886. You can find Coca-Cola Classic in a variety of sizes to suit every lifes..

Dongwon Laver Strip 65g(Best Before:14/7/2020)

$16.50 $19.90
(Best Before:14/7/2020)..

Dongwon Seasoned Laver For Kids 6g x9's (Best Before: 30 Aug 2020)

$37.80 $48.00
(Best Before: 30 Aug 2020)This fresh green laver for kids does not contain salt or oil. Sweet and sour plum-seasoned sauce is provided separately. Made of high-grade raw seaweed directly selected by D..


$26.00 $28.90
( Best Before: 23 JUL 2020)鍾意飲維他朱古力奶嘅朋友之前有無飲過期間限定維他200%特濃朱古力奶呢?最近維他全新推出「特濃朱古力低脂牛奶」,雙倍朱古力,啖啖濃郁幼滑,仲有低脂減輕負擔!..

Fanta - Orange Flavoured Soda 500ml(Best Before:27-5-2020)

$3.80 $8.50
(Best Before:27-5-2020)芬達清新的果味,配上開心、有趣及活潑生動的形象,一直贏得大眾的青睞,特別備受年青人的熱捧。芬達容易令人聯想到與摯愛親朋相處的快樂時光,因此大家都喜歡把芬達與「歡樂」聯繫起來。..

Fibrous Jelly (White Peach) ( Best Before: 22 JUL 2020)

$10.50 $14.50
( Best Before: 22 JUL 2020)★融合清甜的水果原汁和健康的蒟蒻椰果★爽滑潤口的天然美味★辦公室、郊遊、居家休閒隨時隨地的好夥伴★台灣製造..

Garden of Life Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (1.6 l)(Best Before: 30 Jun 2020)

$221.00 $365.00
Why Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?We take raw organic coconuts and carefully cold-press them (never bleaching, refining, deodorizing or hydrogenating) locking in flavor and nutrition. Our Raw Organic E..

Golden Dragon Sardines in XO Sauce 215g (Best Before: 20 Jul 2020)

$8.50 $11.50
(Best Before: 20 Jul 2020)Origin:ThailandIngredients:Sardine (Fish), Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Salt, Thickener (E412), Soybean Oil (Soybean Products), Modified Starch, Spices...

Haitai Pear Flavor Soft Drink 355ml (Best Before: 7 Aug 2020)

$16.20 $19.50
(Best Before: 7 Aug 2020)Korean characteristic water pear juice also soda!Sweet water pear flavor with bubbles more refreshing and delicious!Classic flavor bubble drink, korean popular drinks!..

Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich 127g(Best Before: 15 Aug 2020)

$10.30 $12.50
(Best Before: 15 Aug 2020) Premium soft crunch cookie sandwich that has a rich cheddar cheese flavor cookie is made for your exquisite taste.            Nutriti..

Hansel Premium Green Tea Sandwich 127g(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)

$13.90 $15.90
(Best Before: 23 Aug 2020)Hansel Premium Sandwich 夾心餅乾,菲律賓最大工廠Rebisco出產, 基本上當地每個人都至少食過一次。特點:入口鬆化,食過返尋味..

Hansel Premium Peanut Butter Sandwich 128G (Best Before: 14 Aug 2020)

$13.90 $15.90
(Best Before: 14 Aug 2020)Hansel Premium Sandwich 夾心餅乾,菲律賓最大工廠Rebisco出產, 基本上當地每個人都至少食過一次。特點:入口鬆化,食過返尋味..

HealthWorks - Self-heal Spike Herbal Drink 500ml(Best Before 5/6/2020)

$4.20 $8.90
作為繁忙的都市人,健康工房系列就啱哂重視健康嘅你! 此系列糅合了傳統中藥智慧及現代科技,精心為你創造出無添加人造色素的飲品。夏枯草飲品方便大家在家或外出時也可享用草本飲料。夏枯草有清肝火功效,為忙碌的您降降火!成份:水、白糖、夏枯草、羅漢果、甘草、槐米容量:500ML..

Herbal Essence Chewable Throat Drops (Propolis and Grosvenor Momordica Fruit) -15p (Best Before: 1 Jul 2020)

$4.70 $9.00
(Best Before: 1 Jul 2020)Wai Yuen Tong Herbal Essence Chewable Throat Drops supremely formulated from extract of Propolis and Grosvenor Momordica Fruit with double texture.·    &..

Hi-C - Orange Juice 250ml x6(Best Before: 28 May 2020)

$10.70 $15.50
Product Details:Refer to Chinese VersionOrigin:Hong KongProduct Warnings:- Consumer Information- Chinese Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)- Other InformationSedimentation and colour change may occur natu..

HONG DA MA-HERB MILK TEA 315ml(Best Before: 26 May 2020)

$3.80 $6.80
Combined smooth grass jelly with rich, fragrant milk tea, taste slightly sweet and clear, which makes people enjoy these creations.Ingredient:Water, Grass Jelly, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Tea Extract..

Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts 70g( Best Before: 15 JUL 2020)

$8.90 $11.50
( Best Before: 15 JUL 2020)..

Imperial Bird's Nest - IBN Life-Concept Monkey Head Mushroom, Conch and Chicken Soup(Best Before: 27 Jun 2020)

$24.50 $38.00
Description- It is made up of fresh and high quality ingredients by using traditional cooking method- No added MSG, preservatives and artificial colorings- The taste is of its original – rich and exce..

Imperial Bird's Nest - Life Concept Topshell Slices in Abalone Sauce(Best Before: 1 Jun 2020)

$25.00 $43.00
Description- Topshell slices are produced with the thick and selected oyster sauce- it's "open and eat" feature is welcome to all family Ingredients: Water, Abalone Sauce (Water, Soy Sauce, Salt, Suga..

Kimura - Shizuoka Cola 240ml (Best Before: 10 Aug 2020)

$15.60 $18.00
(Best Before: 10 Aug 2020)內容量:240ML 原產地:日本靜岡縣咖啡因含量:20mg/100ml以下保存方式:常溫保存,請勿放置在高溫潮濕處。冷藏後開瓶請勿搖晃瓶身,避免氣泡溢出。成份:碳酸,果糖葡萄糖液糖,綠茶(靜岡縣產),香料(綠茶萃取物,甘油),檸檬酸,紅花黃色素,梔子藍色素       &nbs..

Kkoh Honey Aloevera Plus 1kg ( Best Before: 17 JUL 2020)

$47.40 $59.90
( Best Before: 17 JUL 2020)l   韓國原裝進口l   果肉含量豐富,也能當作果醬食用l   可依個人口味調整甜度 l   添加維他命C..

Korea Darda Popcorn (Butter Flavor)(Best Before:14/7/2020)

$9.90 $12.00
(Best Before:14/7/2020)唔理係收工返屋企煲劇,定係放假宅係屋企睇電影, 一邊睇住心愛嘅歐巴,一邊吃爆谷,呢個係何等幸福嘅休息享受!! 來自韓國darda嘅爆谷,絕對係睇日韓劇、歐美影集、電影嘅絕配佳品來自韓國爆谷第一品牌嘅DARDA,暢銷於歐美日等國家 令人愛不釋手,而且仲係用非基因改造嘅粟米整成! ·     &n..

Lion & Globe - Corn Oil 1L (Best Before: 27 Jul 2020)

$32.80 $32.80
(Best Before: 27 Jul 2020)Origin:Hong KongProduct Warnings:Cooking OilProduct Usage:Ideal for stir-fryingStorage Condition:Store in a cool and dry placeIngredients:100% Pure Corn Oil..

LJH Crispy Pork Slieed 100g (Best Before: 8 Aug 2020)

$22.80 $29.50
(Best Before: 8 Aug 2020)Thailand pork floss Lam Cheng Heng, a well known branding, which developed over 80 years. Produced lots of snacks are popularity. The pork floss, one of the historical and w..

Meko GV4.0 Sparkling W(Lime)430ml ( Best Before: 21 JUL 2020)

$5.60 $8.30
( Best Before: 21 JUL 2020)Meko GV 4.0 有氣水(青檸味)430ml 清爽青檸口味青檸香氣濃郁,清爽醒神,飲一啖悶氣全消。..

Meko GV4.0 Sparkling W(Lychee)430ml ( Best Before: 21 JUL 2020)

$5.60 $8.30
 ( Best Before: 21 JUL 2020)Meko GV 4.0 有氣水(荔枝味) 430ml GV( Gas Volume) - 這個數值是指手中碳酸氣體的含量,數值越大代表氣泡密度越高,所帶來口感上的剌激感越大GV 4.0 果味有氣水 - 綿密的氣泡,清新的果味,今個盛夏,為你的味蕾帶來剌激無比,清新爽快的感覺清新荔枝口味獨特的荔枝香味,清新怡人,為口味平淡的..
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